Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Happy Wednesday !

I know I haven't done a "Manis with Mandie" post  in a very very long time...but, I found something that might just change your nail game.

I was at CVS two weeks ago and stumbled up the new line of Miracle Gel polishes by Sally Hansen and was very amazed, I mean who wouldn't be ?! A gel polish that doesn't require a UV light AND can be removed with regular nail polish remover ?! It was definitely a win-win for me, but the part that killed me a little in the inside was that it was $10 for the polish and another $10 for the top coat that goes with. Don't get me wrong I would dish out money on a more expensive nail polish, like Deborah Lippmann or something but for Sally Hansen, I refused.

The next day, I got a coupon in my inbox for 30% off my purchase at CVS [fyi: if you shop at CVS a lot, I definitely recommend signing up for their emails!]. I ran to CVS with my coupon and purchased the nail polish and I am so happy I did !

This is a 2-step gel polish process so, I highly recommend getting the top coat for the polish. I know other people that have tried the Miracle Gel line and have been extremely disappointed in it. I was disappointed in the polish when my thumb had these little bubbles on it, but other than that the polish lasted me SIX days with minor chipping. Do you know how great that is, especially when you don't want to get actual gel on your nails so they don't get damaged ?!?!?!?!? Its a HUGE deal ! I was so impressed!

I'm leaving to Puerto Rico tomorrow and was super concern because I didn't want to get a gel mani and have the nail tech file down my nails, so this is definitely the perfect solution! I went out this weekend and purchased two more colors from the line in "Get Mod" & "Game of Chromes".

If you have tried this line and have been disappointed, I'd suggest using a base coat & see if you get different results ! 

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