Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PLL - Whirly Girly (S5 Ep.2)

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Last night's PLL episode definitely through us a little roller coaster....Ali's lying to Holbrook, Mrs. D is officially dead, Mona is back to her old ways, and Shawna's death hasn't been reported YET.  OH! AND MELISSA IS A LIAR.

I don't understand why Ali would not tell the Liars beforehand that she was going to tell Holbrook that she was kidnapped. She knows that they aren't taken seriously so why give the Rosewood Police Department another reason not to believe them. It was definitely very shady of Ali to do, which makes me think that the she can't be trusted if she's already weaving a web of lies and has only been in Rosewood for 5 minutes. 

Mona is such a did she get Ali's new phone number already ?! I'm dying to know what she has up her sleeve due to her devious nature.

Aria is super paranoid about killing Shawna (WHO WOULDN'T) and keeps looking online to see if her death has been reported, but of course it hasn't. I'm guessing this means that she is still alive, but I don't know. If Aria is going crazy over this she should have spoken to Emily who has been in her shoes before and could offer her some advice. 

SPOBY !!! I felt so many feels when I saw Toby ! I'm so happy he's back; he keeps Spencer so grounded. But, Toby came back from London with some pretty valuable information about Melissa. He never saw Melissa in London! So how did Melissa know that Spencer relapsed ? I think she definitely has it out for the girls and is going to be the head person in the group that Mona has created. Could Mona be Melissa's ally ? 

At the end, we get confirmation that Mrs. D is really dead. Ali's new dog Pepe found her in the backyard (what a cute dog!). I really think that the person that she was protecting all this time is Jason. But why would he want to hurt his sister ?! Why would his mother not mention anything !? Who really killed her ?! And why would he tell Hanna and Emily to stop going to places that they aren't welcome in ? That seen was my favorite LOL.

"Go follow him Hanna!"
"FOLLOW HIM ?! I have to go change my underwear !"

Next week is Mrs. D's funeral and we all know that something always happens when the Liars attend a funeral. 

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