Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PLL - EscApe From New York (S5 Ep.1)

OMG, where do I begin ?!!!?!?!? 

Last night's episode definitely had my heart racing from start to finish. This episode felt like the season finale I was waiting for ! 

Well for starters, Ezra is definitely alive and doing well for now. Everyone knows Alison is alive and Mona is making her own " We Hate Ali" Team, which includes Lucas, Paige, NOEL*, and Melissa. *I honestly thought that Noel was present at the meeting but I re-watched the episode and he wasn't. So sorry for the confusion ! 

I've always known from the beginning that Noel could not be trusted since he did date crazy Mona at one point in time. I think he was playing Ali from the beginning by giving her some bullsh*t "secret" so she could trust him and he is now plotting against her. 

The lovely Shauna is back and has officially left the building from what we know. We first see her in the hospital and she tells Aria that Ali called her to make sure she was okay. Aria fell asleep -_- and Shauna gets to see Ezra first and I think she did something to him so he could go into shock. But, I don't think she was the person on top of the ambulance when they took Ezra and the nightmare that the liars are living is not over. 

But Shauna wasn't so faithful to Ali, she fell in love with Jenna and is now seeking revenge. Did she honestly think that she was going to hurt the liars even if she had a gun ? It was 4 against 1 and Aria came and saved the day! She hit the b*tch with a shotgun and she then falls literally TWO FEET and apparently "dies". I don't think she's dead because let's be real, does anyone really die in PLL at least the first time? 

I'm dying to find out what Melissa's secret is because her dad is making it a point to keep it between them. Which makes me think was he the one to bury Mrs. D because she knew something about Melissa ? 

CeCe is finally out of Rosewood and is currently in Paris under her new alias, Vivian Darkbloom. Good for her, I mean how will they ever know that she was the one that killed Wilden. But, can she be trusted ? Will Noel tell someone that she's in Paris ? 

Next week, Ali is going back to Rosewood officially & I can not wait to see what happens. 

Your thoughts on this episode ? 

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