Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May's Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45

Hello Readers !

I know its 3 days into June, but I'm going you my thoughts on May's LLB (some things are better late than never)! 

The theme for this month's box was geo-black & modern pearls, a combination of things that I love ! On the fashion runways, Celine, Chanel, Bouchra Jarrar, & Balenciaga were the inspirations for this month's box. I love black and white, its so chic and the color combo goes with EVERYTHING. Monochromatic looks are something I try to incorporate in my wardrobe since its so classic & will never go out of style. 

The box came with some amazing pieces ! My favorite piece has got to be the "Maggie" necklace. It honestly is such a beautifully classy statement necklace. It can be styled easily in the summer and will transition so well in the fall and winter months. 

The "Sabine" bracelet is so adorable and so are the matching drop earrings ! I think its perfect for the office, casual wear and it would look great with a simple LBD.

My LLB also came with a pair of sunglasses that are very trendy, but I'm not sure if they are my style. I don't dislike them but I also don't love them. Maybe they just don't mesh well with my style ? I wasn't too fond of the MIENN fragrance oil, I was not crazy about its scent and I honestly can't even describe it to you. I thought it was just too strong for my liking.

I really like some of the things I received in my LLB this month, but I'm thinking maybe the Classic's Box is more my style. This box and the one I received last month were both Lavish Boxes. Maybe I'm lucky enough to get the Classic's Box next month. 

For those interested in the Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45 it is now available if you want to subscribe! I'm so excited for June's box since I stalk their Instagram (@sunset45shop) to see little sneak peeks for the upcoming boxes. LOL. 

I hope you enjoyed this post & subscribe to receive the LLB monthly ! You won't regret it ! 

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