Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zoeva Brush Review

Hello Readers!

I recently purchased a few brushes from Zoeva and they are great! I purchased 4 brushes from them and they were the:

These brushes are all reasonably priced when compared to the prices of Sigma brushes. The only downside of these brushes was the price of shipping ($18) and the amount of time it took to get to me, these brushes are from Germany so obviously the shipping is not going to be cheap and its going to take a while to get to you. Aside from that, they are fabulous, super soft and they provide a flawless application of any type of makeup.

The 104 Buffer is a definite dupe for the Sigma F80, which gets multiple praises from beauty vloggers in the YouTube community (like Jaclyn Hill, I LOVE HER). I've used the 104 to apply liquid foundation and bb cream; my skin looks so great when using this brush. It offers a full coverage application, which is great when using bb creams!

The 105 Luxe Highlight is obviously a brush to highlight certain areas on your face, like the top of the cheek bones and the bridge of the nose. But it’s also great for contouring, since it has such a tapered head its great to get into the hallows of the cheeks, the Sigma dupe for this the F35.

The 110 Face Shape is supposed to be used for contouring but I use it to apply bb creams and tinted moisturizers for a more natural look and its great to GENTLY blend out concealer underneath the eyes. This was the only brush that I couldn't find something similar to on Sigma's website, but its almost like the Expert Face brush from Real Techniques but smaller.

The concealer buffer, dupe for Sigma's P82, is amazing for applying concealer in different areas on your face, I had a blemish on my face and I used my favorite MAC concealer and it was like there was nothing there to begin with! It left such a flawless finish!

The brushes are vegan, which I really like and prefer since I try to use cruelty-free brushes. The packaging is great, each brush comes with a plastic black zipper pouch, which could be saved for when you're travelling, you could just slip them in there and don’t have to worry about them getting the inside of your makeup bag dirty. As a side note, just because a brush is supposed to be used for one thing, it does not mean that it can't be used for something else. There are NO set rules when it comes to makeup, that's why makeup is so great !

I definitely recommend these brushes, they're reasonably priced and of great quality. Definitely check out Zoeva's website !

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