Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Time Nails

Hello Readers !

The spring weather that we’ve been having is definitely a tease in NYC since tomorrow its going to be 25 degrees :( ! Since it was so nice and spring like this week I decided to paint my nails this lovely lavender color and a gold accent nails (the colors will be named below). The lavender and the gold go so well together since they are contrasting colors and lets be honest, glitter goes well with EVERYTHING!

I'm dying for it to get a LITTLE warmer, so I could start wearing my pretty spring nail polishes. During this time, I usually switch out my berry, dark green, and red nail polishes for bright pinks, corals, and turquoise polishes. There are really no set rules as to what colors to paint your nails during any season, but I feel that brighter nails look so nice against tanned skin. Seventeen magazine has a great slide show as to what colors are in this season and they are absolutely right. A lot of these colors are my go-to’s during the spring and summer months.

I want to see what color you’re wearing this week! Don’t forget to use #maniswithmandie so I could see them! 

Thanks for reading!

Mani Colors
Under Where? – Essie
Carrie’d Away – Nicole by Opi


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