Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pretty Little Liars' "Unbridled"

Where do I being with last night’s episode of PLL ?! I was literally on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time, but I’m usually like this for all the episodes. LOL. Dean, Spencer’s addiction babysitter, is asked to leave and gives her a valuable piece of information, Jason is back, and Mrs. DiLaurentis is crazy !

I was really beginning to like Dean, but since he was caught asleep next to Spencer he was asked to leave. BOOOO. Spencer reveals to him that she can’t sleep because she’s trying to fill in the gaps in her memory during the summer Ali went missing and she doesn’t feel safe in her home. He tells her mother and she thinks it’s that Spencer has this secret pill stash in her room. I found this very funny because why would having a secret stash of pills make her feel “unsafe” in her home. BUT! Spencer’s mom does tell her a bit of information about a situation a few days before Ali went missing. She tells Spencer that she was strung out on drugs that summer and she didn’t know whom to expect at the breakfast table because of her mood swings and she begged Melissa not to mention it to anyone. 

Jason is back in Rosewood! He was avoiding the girls in the beginning but at the bridal fashion show he tells Spencer that it’s best if she kept her distance. He has a flashback where Ali is telling her mom that she has been receiving these nasty text messages and Mrs. D thought it was Spencer, since she was always “jealous” of Ali and that Ali needs to “fight fire with fire”. Jason tells Spencer that he was away in rehab, during this talk Dean walks into say goodbye since he was leaving and to give her a card with his number so she could call him anytime she needed. Spencer mentions to Dean that Jason was at rehab too and mentions the specific name of the rehab center only to find out that, the center has been closed for 2 years. WHERE THE HELL WAS JASON DURING THIS TIME ?!?!?

Ashley, Hanna’s mom, makes a very shocking discovery in Ali’s room while preparing for the fashion show, she finds a skirt (which was so cute) and I think a scarf that was purchased either that day or the day before. Mrs. D finds Ashley in the room and gets super pissed at her. Ashley tells this to Hanna, and Hanna decides to volunteer for the show with the other liars, this also annoys Mrs. D. While the girls are getting ready to walk down the runway, Spencer notices that Mrs. D slips out the to back and with a suitcase, Spencer being nosy as usual follows the person but couldn’t get a hold of them and part of her dress falls into a bear trap while looking for them. After this Spencer runs back to the show and is hysterical and crying and is explaining to the other girls what happened. She begins to hyperventilate and wants them to help her take of her corset and when they do; they find finger bones in the corset. TALK ABOUT CREEPY.

While Spencer is looking for this person Hanna and Emily decide to Ali’s room to see if they could find more information about Ali’s whereabouts. Travis causes a diversion to stall Mrs. D from entering the house, while the girls are snooping. They are able to find Ali’s number and where she’s been staying. When they go to see her, someone else is at the location and the liars obviously know who the person is because Spencer says, “What are you doing here”? The person could either be Mona, CeCe, or Shawna.  Who was the person that Mrs. D gave the suitcase to ? Who else knows where Ali is staying ? 

Next week is the season finale, which make me very sad because what the hell am I going to watch on Tuesdays. But, the preview said its going to be one of the most shocking episodes yet ! I’m so so so excited !

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