Thursday, March 6, 2014

PLL - Cover For Me

O M G, this week’s episode of PLL was extremely INTENSE! Spencer has an addiction coach living in her house, Aria was hooking up with a random guy, and Ezra has a new A theory and it actually makes sense to me.

In the opening of the show, it’s mentioned that Spencer went to rehab for 3 days. Who knew that a week in real time is equivalent to 3 days in Rosewood. *Kanye shrug*. We also see that Spencer is stripped of all her devices and has a live in addiction coach (who is kinda cute) living in the barn and making sure that she won’t relapse. If I were Spencer, I would have thrown my computer at my mom and him because really, having him around is not that necessary. BUT he has been of use to her, Spencer begins having these memories from the night that Ali “died”, I wasn’t sure it this was what actually happened, or if this was what she was imagining what happened. I was totally freaked out when she gets in her bed and finds dirt. I ALMOST DIED like what the hell. What psycho does that? On other note, did anyone notice that the letter from Toby was mailed from London? WHY IS HE IN LONDON ?!

I was so depressed that Aria was hooking up with this random guy in Syracuse. I really think that she needs to be single OR get back together with Jake. But I’m glad she met him because he gave her the push she needed to confront Ezra face to face. When Aria goes to Ezra, he also gives her a manuscript of the book and tells her that there is something that she needs to know and that was…..HE THINKS MRS.DILAURENTIS IS A. Talk about having my mind blown for 5 minutes !! I have never ever EVER suspected that she would be A, the thought has never crossed my mind. On the other hand, all the reasons that the girls gave make sense to me. She would do ANYTHING to bring Ali home, including tell her friends to take a hike and to stop looking. But then again, there have been many people in the past that were made to look that they were A when they weren’t (*cough cough* Melissa).

I was totally creeped out at the end when Spencer was hallucinating that Mrs. D was in her room when she wasn’t, but there WAS someone in her room. Which made me look behind every door in my room before going to bed, LOL. 

Next week’s episode is going to be “a day Spencer never forgets” according to the promo. It’s going to be INSANE, I’m so excited!! So does anyone think that Mrs. D is A or are the creators of the show making it seem that way?

Let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, A 


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