Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Spring Time Beauty Favorites

Hello Readers !

Today I decided to share all the things I’m currently loving for the spring !

Maybelline’s Baby Skin – Apparently this is supposed to be a pore minimizing primer, I personally do not feel like it minimizes my pores but it does make my skin look super smooth. It’s an okay primer especially since it’s only about $6 at Target. Some people don't need/don't like primers, I'm just not to fond of feeling foundation or tinted moisturizer on my skin so I really like to use one to create a barrier. 

Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream – I LOVE this BB cream! I’ve been using it since last spring and its so great. My only issue is that it only comes in 3 shades and I already use the darkest shade so when I’m tanned I can’t use it . BOOO :( 

Revlon Photo Ready Pressed Powder – I also have been using this for about a year and its great to set the bb cream that goes with it or any tinted moisturizer and foundation you own. It has as a little bit of shimmer in it but it goes on completely matte on the skin.

NARS Orgasm Blush – HOLY GRAIL BLUSH! I’ve had this blush for what feels like forever, it’s the first blush I ever purchased and I JUST hit pan the other day. I gives your skin a natural flush to it, if your looking for a blush to give you a nice flush and glow this is the one. It has a shimmery-ness to it unlike NAR's Super Orgasm that has bits and pieces of chunky glitter. 

MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish – I just got this the other day and let me tell you it is worth the hype. I’ve used it to highlight my cheeks, bridge of my nose, and cupid’s bow; it leaves your skin with this beautiful goddess like glow. It also makes a very nice simple eyeshadow! 

MAC Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose – I heard about this from my favorite YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill. I use this to brighten underneath my eyes, but keep in mind that this is extremely sheer, so if you have dark circles you would have to use concealer and then use this. This is perfect for when I’m kinda in a rush and just want to lighten underneath my eyes, I just slap some on, blend out, and BAM instant bright under eyes!

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara (Waterproof) – This has got to be my favorite mascara ever! If I had to choose one mascara that I had to use for the rest of my life it would definitely be this one. It separates my lashes beautifully and it really does not clump. I use the waterproof version because it doesn't smudge making it the perfect mascara for those lower lashes. This is also the first waterproof mascara I’ve used that doesn't take forever to remove. 

Dior Show Mascara – When I’m feeling fancy and want to make my lashes look fuller, I use this baby. This and my CG Clump Crusher go so well together! It honestly looks like I have a set of natural looking falsies on.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette – I really love eyeshadows, but I never owned any of the  larger Naked palettes except the small basics one. As soon as I saw the YT video for this I knew I had to have it. I think that pink and blush colored eye shadows look so beautiful on brown eyes. The amount of looks you can get out of this palette is endless, you can do something very natural for daytime or something sultry for an evening engagement.

MAC Cremesheen Lipglass in Fever Isle(LE) – This lipglass was part of MAC’s Tropical Taboo collection that was released last summer, it’s the perfect poppy shade for spring. It has very subtle shimmer and is not too sheer but not too opaque either.

Vaseline Rose Lipbalm – This is amazing. It smells great and leaves a little rose tint on your lips. Earlier in February, I was looking for a lip balm that would keep my lips hydrated and soft, out of all the lipbalms I tried this one takes the cake. My obsession with EOS lipbalms has ended and I now have this little tub of goodness in all my bags. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

Tell me what are you're loving for spring ! 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Time Nails

Hello Readers !

The spring weather that we’ve been having is definitely a tease in NYC since tomorrow its going to be 25 degrees :( ! Since it was so nice and spring like this week I decided to paint my nails this lovely lavender color and a gold accent nails (the colors will be named below). The lavender and the gold go so well together since they are contrasting colors and lets be honest, glitter goes well with EVERYTHING!

I'm dying for it to get a LITTLE warmer, so I could start wearing my pretty spring nail polishes. During this time, I usually switch out my berry, dark green, and red nail polishes for bright pinks, corals, and turquoise polishes. There are really no set rules as to what colors to paint your nails during any season, but I feel that brighter nails look so nice against tanned skin. Seventeen magazine has a great slide show as to what colors are in this season and they are absolutely right. A lot of these colors are my go-to’s during the spring and summer months.

I want to see what color you’re wearing this week! Don’t forget to use #maniswithmandie so I could see them! 

Thanks for reading!

Mani Colors
Under Where? – Essie
Carrie’d Away – Nicole by Opi

Pretty Little Liars' "Unbridled"

Where do I being with last night’s episode of PLL ?! I was literally on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time, but I’m usually like this for all the episodes. LOL. Dean, Spencer’s addiction babysitter, is asked to leave and gives her a valuable piece of information, Jason is back, and Mrs. DiLaurentis is crazy !

I was really beginning to like Dean, but since he was caught asleep next to Spencer he was asked to leave. BOOOO. Spencer reveals to him that she can’t sleep because she’s trying to fill in the gaps in her memory during the summer Ali went missing and she doesn’t feel safe in her home. He tells her mother and she thinks it’s that Spencer has this secret pill stash in her room. I found this very funny because why would having a secret stash of pills make her feel “unsafe” in her home. BUT! Spencer’s mom does tell her a bit of information about a situation a few days before Ali went missing. She tells Spencer that she was strung out on drugs that summer and she didn’t know whom to expect at the breakfast table because of her mood swings and she begged Melissa not to mention it to anyone. 

Jason is back in Rosewood! He was avoiding the girls in the beginning but at the bridal fashion show he tells Spencer that it’s best if she kept her distance. He has a flashback where Ali is telling her mom that she has been receiving these nasty text messages and Mrs. D thought it was Spencer, since she was always “jealous” of Ali and that Ali needs to “fight fire with fire”. Jason tells Spencer that he was away in rehab, during this talk Dean walks into say goodbye since he was leaving and to give her a card with his number so she could call him anytime she needed. Spencer mentions to Dean that Jason was at rehab too and mentions the specific name of the rehab center only to find out that, the center has been closed for 2 years. WHERE THE HELL WAS JASON DURING THIS TIME ?!?!?

Ashley, Hanna’s mom, makes a very shocking discovery in Ali’s room while preparing for the fashion show, she finds a skirt (which was so cute) and I think a scarf that was purchased either that day or the day before. Mrs. D finds Ashley in the room and gets super pissed at her. Ashley tells this to Hanna, and Hanna decides to volunteer for the show with the other liars, this also annoys Mrs. D. While the girls are getting ready to walk down the runway, Spencer notices that Mrs. D slips out the to back and with a suitcase, Spencer being nosy as usual follows the person but couldn’t get a hold of them and part of her dress falls into a bear trap while looking for them. After this Spencer runs back to the show and is hysterical and crying and is explaining to the other girls what happened. She begins to hyperventilate and wants them to help her take of her corset and when they do; they find finger bones in the corset. TALK ABOUT CREEPY.

While Spencer is looking for this person Hanna and Emily decide to Ali’s room to see if they could find more information about Ali’s whereabouts. Travis causes a diversion to stall Mrs. D from entering the house, while the girls are snooping. They are able to find Ali’s number and where she’s been staying. When they go to see her, someone else is at the location and the liars obviously know who the person is because Spencer says, “What are you doing here”? The person could either be Mona, CeCe, or Shawna.  Who was the person that Mrs. D gave the suitcase to ? Who else knows where Ali is staying ? 

Next week is the season finale, which make me very sad because what the hell am I going to watch on Tuesdays. But, the preview said its going to be one of the most shocking episodes yet ! I’m so so so excited !

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

PLL - Cover For Me

O M G, this week’s episode of PLL was extremely INTENSE! Spencer has an addiction coach living in her house, Aria was hooking up with a random guy, and Ezra has a new A theory and it actually makes sense to me.

In the opening of the show, it’s mentioned that Spencer went to rehab for 3 days. Who knew that a week in real time is equivalent to 3 days in Rosewood. *Kanye shrug*. We also see that Spencer is stripped of all her devices and has a live in addiction coach (who is kinda cute) living in the barn and making sure that she won’t relapse. If I were Spencer, I would have thrown my computer at my mom and him because really, having him around is not that necessary. BUT he has been of use to her, Spencer begins having these memories from the night that Ali “died”, I wasn’t sure it this was what actually happened, or if this was what she was imagining what happened. I was totally freaked out when she gets in her bed and finds dirt. I ALMOST DIED like what the hell. What psycho does that? On other note, did anyone notice that the letter from Toby was mailed from London? WHY IS HE IN LONDON ?!

I was so depressed that Aria was hooking up with this random guy in Syracuse. I really think that she needs to be single OR get back together with Jake. But I’m glad she met him because he gave her the push she needed to confront Ezra face to face. When Aria goes to Ezra, he also gives her a manuscript of the book and tells her that there is something that she needs to know and that was…..HE THINKS MRS.DILAURENTIS IS A. Talk about having my mind blown for 5 minutes !! I have never ever EVER suspected that she would be A, the thought has never crossed my mind. On the other hand, all the reasons that the girls gave make sense to me. She would do ANYTHING to bring Ali home, including tell her friends to take a hike and to stop looking. But then again, there have been many people in the past that were made to look that they were A when they weren’t (*cough cough* Melissa).

I was totally creeped out at the end when Spencer was hallucinating that Mrs. D was in her room when she wasn’t, but there WAS someone in her room. Which made me look behind every door in my room before going to bed, LOL. 

Next week’s episode is going to be “a day Spencer never forgets” according to the promo. It’s going to be INSANE, I’m so excited!! So does anyone think that Mrs. D is A or are the creators of the show making it seem that way?

Let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, A 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zoeva Brush Review

Hello Readers!

I recently purchased a few brushes from Zoeva and they are great! I purchased 4 brushes from them and they were the:

These brushes are all reasonably priced when compared to the prices of Sigma brushes. The only downside of these brushes was the price of shipping ($18) and the amount of time it took to get to me, these brushes are from Germany so obviously the shipping is not going to be cheap and its going to take a while to get to you. Aside from that, they are fabulous, super soft and they provide a flawless application of any type of makeup.

The 104 Buffer is a definite dupe for the Sigma F80, which gets multiple praises from beauty vloggers in the YouTube community (like Jaclyn Hill, I LOVE HER). I've used the 104 to apply liquid foundation and bb cream; my skin looks so great when using this brush. It offers a full coverage application, which is great when using bb creams!

The 105 Luxe Highlight is obviously a brush to highlight certain areas on your face, like the top of the cheek bones and the bridge of the nose. But it’s also great for contouring, since it has such a tapered head its great to get into the hallows of the cheeks, the Sigma dupe for this the F35.

The 110 Face Shape is supposed to be used for contouring but I use it to apply bb creams and tinted moisturizers for a more natural look and its great to GENTLY blend out concealer underneath the eyes. This was the only brush that I couldn't find something similar to on Sigma's website, but its almost like the Expert Face brush from Real Techniques but smaller.

The concealer buffer, dupe for Sigma's P82, is amazing for applying concealer in different areas on your face, I had a blemish on my face and I used my favorite MAC concealer and it was like there was nothing there to begin with! It left such a flawless finish!

The brushes are vegan, which I really like and prefer since I try to use cruelty-free brushes. The packaging is great, each brush comes with a plastic black zipper pouch, which could be saved for when you're travelling, you could just slip them in there and don’t have to worry about them getting the inside of your makeup bag dirty. As a side note, just because a brush is supposed to be used for one thing, it does not mean that it can't be used for something else. There are NO set rules when it comes to makeup, that's why makeup is so great !

I definitely recommend these brushes, they're reasonably priced and of great quality. Definitely check out Zoeva's website !

Thanks for reading!