Wednesday, February 26, 2014


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Yesterday's episode of PLL answered and provoked many questions for Aria and the other liars. Aria was filled with rage and trashed Ezra's place (I would have burned it down). She found a lot of things in Ezra's place which made me question if he placed them there on purpose for her to find ? You would assume that she would want to see him after what happened last week and if she couldn't get a hold of him at school she would have gone to his apartment. He wasn't there and he gave her a key so obviously she is going to let herself in. I just want to know why he would just leave the journals and the files there, unless he thought Aria was so pissed that she was just going to ignore the whole situation? Aria is one of my favorite liars and I feel so bad that she is going through this, especially when she admits that Ezra really didn't love her to begin with.

Ezra is a liar and I dislike him. How does he go to New York to meet with his publishers with the final installment of the Ali book and to plan a release date?! Have you no consideration!? &^#$*!

SPENCER NEEDS HELP !!! I don't know in what mind does Spencer think it's okay to take the pills that A left in her locker, she is so much smarter than this. THEY COULD HAVE KILLED HER ! I also think that if Mrs. DiLaurentis was questioning whether or not Spencer hurt Ali, she got her confirmation when Spencer grabbed her arm. I think Spencer is going to go back to Radley very soon if she keeps up with her reckless behavior. I think the storyline of the show is going to change for Spencer, I believe they are going to make it seem that she was hooked on the pills on the night that Ali went missing and she has this memory suppressed and will come to light in the season finale.

When Paige and Emily started dating I was not supporting it given the past that Paige had with Ali many years ago.  Paige is beginning to question a lot of things and its so much better for her to not know certain things in this relationship.  If I was Emily I would have broken up with her as soon as she gave me that ultimatum and I was super annoyed that she then expected everything to be all sunshine and daises after. NO PAIGE. Does anyone think that Paige is working with A? I dont think she is working with A, I just don't trust her. At the end of the episode we see Paige leave an envelope with a note saying that Ali is alive and where to begin looking for her. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE THINGS ALONE PAIGE !

GABRIEL HOLBROOK *swoons* he's so cute and I know for a fact that him and Hanna are going to get together in the very near future. I just don’t know how she is going to deal with Travis, I really like him and I think she really likes him too. Who will Hanna choose?

What I do want to know is where does Aria end up when she leaves her house and tells Emily to go away? I was thinking that she was going to New York to find Ezra and confront him. We will definitely find out where she goes next week and there’s a new guy in the picture! Three more weeks till the season finale #ALITELLSALL! I'm so excited I can't wait!

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