Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello there readers ! 

So if you saw last night's episode of PLL, you would know that Aria found out about Ezra and what he has been hiding from her.  BUT, I really think he's lying to her AGAIN ! I'm not even going to begin to explain how annoyed I am with Ezra. He tells Aria (while in a nonmoving ski lift 50 feet off the ground) that he was writing a crime novel around the Alison DiLaurentis case, because he wanted to know more, he admitted that he was using Aria and how he knew who she was before she even introduced herself at the bar back in season 1. He also claims that he stopped writing the book when they got serious and started back at it again when they broke up. But of course he manged to slip in "I never lied about my feelings for you."  LIARRRRRRRR

He had enough time to think of a lie to tell Aria should she ever find out about his hidden agenda. Let's be real here, he removed all the computers and photos that were in the hidden basement of the cabin; he knew that she was going to find out very soon. If I was Aria I would have thrown Erza off the ski lift and called 911. But then I'm like "Aria how stupid can you be ?! How do you leave your car keys behind ?!" But now that she knows, I hope she gets back together with that kung ku hunk Jake <3. 

At the end of the episode we see an unknown person picking up all the pages to the draft of Ezra's book, which leads me to believe that there's someone else either working with him that isn't Mona or against him.  While we are talking about Mona, can we all agree that she told Erza that things are getting "complicated" because she is catching feelings for Mike too (*gags*). I don't think that Mona was the one at the zoo, the person looked way too tall to be Mona, but it could have been her. Maybe it was Shawna ?  CeCe ? 

On to the "speed addict" Spencer.  I don't think that Spencer is addicted to the pills that severely that she needs help.  But Ezra did tip Aria off that it is not the first time that Spener has done this. I just don't think it was his place to give Aria the ultimatum that if she didn't confront Spencer about her pill popping issue, he was going to tell her parents. MIND YOUR BUSINESS EZRA. I hope Spencer gets back on track in the next episodes not only for herself but to fix things with Toby. 

I hope I was not the only person that was almost having anxiety attacks while watching it. Let me tell you, if I was hiding behind a bush and my psycho-boyfriend is looking for me yelling my name, I would have had to massive heart attack.  

I can't wait to see what happens next week ! 

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