Friday, October 24, 2014

My Holy Grails!


I have decided to share with you the products that I will go out and buy 100 of them should they be discontinued.

My Holy Grails

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !! I've been using this for the last 4 months or so & it is simply amazeballs! I have oily/combo skin so sometimes powders keep the oil at bay but also make me look super matte & makes my dry skin super noticeable. This is the first powder foundation that I have used that makes my skin glowy, I think its the perfect foundation for that "No-Makeup-Makeup" look. 

2. Mac Prolongwear Concealer - My concealer gets into the creases underneath my eyes & I hate it. This is the only concealer that last the WHOLE day,does not budge & settle into those fine lines. My only issue is the smell. :(

3. NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - This right here is bananas! I have oily lids (this phrase makes me cringe) & because of that my eyeshadows slip & slide without a primer. This is the ONLY one that will make my eyeshadows looks gorgeous and crease-free! 

4. NARS Orgasm Blush - My first blush & my first love. I have a ton of blushes and I will usually gravitate toward this baby 75% of the time. It looks good on so many skin tones & the color could go on sheer or you could build it up. NARS blushes last FOREVER, I've had mine for a VERY long time & I hit pan 2 months ago.

5. Diorshow Mascara - I first received a sample of this back in 2011 & since then we have been bonded for life. It makes my lashes look super voluminous & you could literally pack on the layers and it will not clump! 

Hope you enjoyed this short post, maybe you should tell me what products you can't live without in the comments below! 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two Months

It has been TWO months since my last post & I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.

School this semester has totally been kicking my ass. For those of you that don't know I'm a bio major & I want to go to pharmacy school. I have also been in college since 2010 & am NO where near graduating. But let me ya, when I put on that cap & gown I am going to have the biggest party ever.

In other news, the weather in NYC the last 2 days has been extremely shitty. All I want to do is curl up in my bed with my dog & finish watching season 3 of "Veronica Mars". Which by the way, is a great show!

Once again, I'm so sorry for my absence. I promise you I'll be making a comeback soon. I have a couple of post lined up, I just haven't had the time to post them. Every time, I look at my stats for TAD I see more & more people reading & I just want to THANK YOU all for reading my nonsense.

Until next time!

A ♥

Thursday, August 21, 2014

PLL - No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me (S5 Ep. 11)

I really enjoyed this week's episode! So many questions where answered and things were said that all make sense now. I was especially happy to learn what happened at the end of Ravenswood but, I was totally creeped out.  I think the spirit that came through the Ouija board was Miranda's spirit finally leaving Caleb.  

I'm ecstatic that Melissa finally spilled the beans about what happened the night that Ali went missing. I still don't trust her but, I do think that she loves Spencer enough to want to protect her. It finally all makes sense, but I now what to know who Mrs. D saw out her window that night [I thought it was Melissa that hit her with the rock]. According to Little Miss Liar Ali, her mom buried her alive but I don't know how plausible that is because she obviously can not be trusted. I'm patiently waiting for the day when the viewers finally find out what REALLY happened that night because it seems like that night lasted 26 hours if she did everything she claims she did.

Photo from

As much as I hate Mona, I'm so happy that her and the liars are finally joining forces. In this episode we saw such a different side her that we don't get to see very often and it was kind of refreshing. After Mona and Aria's conversation in the bathroom I want to know exactly what Mona knows about what happened to the girls in New York because that could definitely be a game changer.

Sorry to go off in a tangent but, do you think that the person speaking to Cyrus at the end of last week's episode was Ali's twin ?? I'm fairly certain it is just for the fact that he knows Ali's a blonde so why would she wear a brown wig to meet him ?

I'm literally counting down the days till next week's finale but my question to you is...who do you think is going to die ? I'm 75% certain that is going to be Mona and 25% of me thinks its going to be Caleb because in the promo you see Hanna crying and those are the only two people I can think of that she would cry about.

Who do you think is going to die ? Let me know in the comments :D

Thanks for reading !

Monday, August 11, 2014


I'm currently in the lovely island of Puerto Rico enjoying sometime with my family! But it is hot as hell here, today I was literally sitting in front of the fan and I was sweating. Good Lawd, I had to sit in the car with the AC blasting for at least an hour. 

I know I've been posting less frequency and I apologize profusely, I'm going to try to post on Wednesday with my thoughts on PLL. It's not for sure because I don't now what my wifi situation will be, I promise I will try! 

I'll also try to take pictures depicting my time here, I spend a lot of time doing non-touristy things here. I don't spend a lot of time in San Juan, actually the only time I'm in San Juan is when I arrive at the airport. When I get back to my beloved computer I'll post them to show you all! 

It was also The Amanda's Diaries birthday last week, and I'm so happy I started blogging. It has been such a great experience to get my thoughts out in the open for you all to read. To those that have been with me in the beginning I want to thank you for sticking with me since then. I really really appreciate all of you. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for TAD! 

Once again thanks for reading! 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Happy Wednesday !

I know I haven't done a "Manis with Mandie" post  in a very very long time...but, I found something that might just change your nail game.

I was at CVS two weeks ago and stumbled up the new line of Miracle Gel polishes by Sally Hansen and was very amazed, I mean who wouldn't be ?! A gel polish that doesn't require a UV light AND can be removed with regular nail polish remover ?! It was definitely a win-win for me, but the part that killed me a little in the inside was that it was $10 for the polish and another $10 for the top coat that goes with. Don't get me wrong I would dish out money on a more expensive nail polish, like Deborah Lippmann or something but for Sally Hansen, I refused.

The next day, I got a coupon in my inbox for 30% off my purchase at CVS [fyi: if you shop at CVS a lot, I definitely recommend signing up for their emails!]. I ran to CVS with my coupon and purchased the nail polish and I am so happy I did !

This is a 2-step gel polish process so, I highly recommend getting the top coat for the polish. I know other people that have tried the Miracle Gel line and have been extremely disappointed in it. I was disappointed in the polish when my thumb had these little bubbles on it, but other than that the polish lasted me SIX days with minor chipping. Do you know how great that is, especially when you don't want to get actual gel on your nails so they don't get damaged ?!?!?!?!? Its a HUGE deal ! I was so impressed!

I'm leaving to Puerto Rico tomorrow and was super concern because I didn't want to get a gel mani and have the nail tech file down my nails, so this is definitely the perfect solution! I went out this weekend and purchased two more colors from the line in "Get Mod" & "Game of Chromes".

If you have tried this line and have been disappointed, I'd suggest using a base coat & see if you get different results ! 

Till next time. . .

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PLL - The Silence of E. Lambs (S5 Ep.7)

I know I've been MIA for a little bit, but I really haven't found any of the episodes recently that interesting. Don't get me wrong I do watch PLL religiously...its just that some episodes don't have me at the edge of my seat like others. 

ON THE OTHER HAND, I really enjoyed last Tuesday's episode for the simply fact that I think that the "Ali Has A Twin" theory has finally come to light! As much as the producers deny that they will use this theory, I can't help but not believe them. For those of you who don't know, Ali has a twin in book, Courtney, and let me tell you that she is not as crazy as they make her seem. 

With the help of Ezra, Spencer has installed cameras that face the barn because she wants to see what Melissa is up to at all hours. While watching the videos she notices that Ali is in her backyard and she automatically sends an "S.O.S" to all the girls. Emily mentions that she wasn't wearing that at the dinner that Pam had made for Ali. The girl in the image looked all disheveled and not put together like Ali did. 

I know this isn't the clearest picture, but it's obvious that it is Ali or her twin. I can't wait to see what happens next week and I want to see if the girls will confront her about it. 

Tuesday's episode is supposed to be suspenseful and hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

Thanks for reading! 


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Collective Haul: June 2014

Hey guys ! 

If you didn't know I went to the Poconos at the end of June for a little R&R and did a little shopping while I was there.

 I have an extremely simple style, I don't branch out and get clothes that are only going to be "in" for a short amount of time. I wear what I like and it doesn't bother me in the slightest that it maybe out dated. I dress very girly and I tend to make sure that all my clothes go together so I save time getting dressed in the morning to go to school or work. I love blacks, whites, greys, and blushes, they for the most part transition nicely in all seasons and match very well with each other. 

But anyways, let me show you what I got ! 

lace blouse - TJ Maxx 
light denim wash boyfriend jeans - Old Navy

I actually wore this outfit on Thursday to a dinner with my friends after I usually never pair light colors with light jeans, its not for any particular reason, I just don't like how it looks. But this combo looked so cute, the delicate-ness of the top and boyfriend jeans create such a nice balance. 

Lucky Brand

This shirt is definitely one of those tops that look better on than on the hanger. I wasn't too in love with it when I first saw it at the Lucky store, but that all changed when I tried it on. I can't wait to pair it with white jeans when I go on vacation. 

Tell me this isn't the cutest shirt you have ever seeeeennnnn. I love J.Crew, I think they make amazing clothes and they fit my style perfectly. (FYI - they have a student discount of 15% so make sure you have your student ID when you shop there !)

I love the Old Navy Rockstar jeans! They are super stretchy, comfortable, and reasonably priced. I got the grey pair for work since I really don't have a dress code, I was eyeing them for a while but they never had my size and I finally found them for $15 in PA. BARGAIN ! 

Gap Factory 

When you love something get it in every color! Well, I only got two of the 5 colors they had, but still. They are so soft and have a peek-a-boo back; I can't wait to pair them with boyfriend jeans or jean shorts for a nice laid back but still put together look. 

Wristlet, Pineapple Key Chain, Card Case, & Sunglasses - Coach Factory
Lauren Ralph Lauren Tate Tote - Macy's

I think that wristlets are the perfect traveling wallets, they hold all your stuff and you could fit your phone and a lipgloss in there. I usually buy wristlets in neutral colors, so I don't have to worry about it not matching with my outfits. 

 The floral card case I got to hold my metrocard and school ID, its something you could just throw in any of your bags and you don't have to worry about losing/misplacing your metrocard because we all know what a pain in the ass it is to pay a dollar every time you lose one. 

The sunnies are my new favorite pair and the item I liked the most from everything I purchased! They are a cat eye shape and look good and just about any face shape, I have chubby cheeks so finding a pair that doesn't go up when I smile and laugh is a great feeling.

I got this beautiful bag for my birthday, it literally holds EVERYTHING. Its such a gorgeous color that will transition well season to season.

MAC Lipstick in "Gel", MAC Lipglass in "Gaga 2", MAC Lipglass in "Pangea", MAC eyeshadow in "Silver Screen
Swatches (L to R): Silver Screen, Gaga 2, Gel, & Pangea

In some outlets they have the Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO) and let me tell it is God's gift to any makeup junkie's world. It carries MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinque, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Origins, Bumble & Bumble, and other brands for discounted prices. It is literally my favorite store ever, you could get your hands on older MAC collections for a few dollars less. The "Gaga 2" is such a beautiful nude and I couldn't get it the first time it was released so I was jumping for joy when I saw it. 

Nike Flyknits - Nike Outlet 
Adrienne Vittadini sandals - TJ Maxx 

I'm not much of a sneaker person and when I saw these and tried them on I knew I had to get them (they were also only $50, BARGAIN! ). They are so comfy and lightweight and sooooo cute. These sandals were such a steal and they are so comfortable, I walk a lot so comfortable shoes that I could walk in and can tolerate standing an hour on the train is something I need in all my shoes. 

SOOOOO, this is the end of this haul! I hope you enjoyed this super long post! 
Have a fab weekend!  


PLL's 100th Episode !


This was such an amazing episodes with so many twist and turns. This episode was so worth the wait ! I think I'm literally going to have a nervous breakdown waiting for the next episode, my heart can't take it !

I don't even know where to begin. . . .I guess I'll start with the fact that Jenna is back in Rosewood ! When I first saw her arrive, I already knew that there must be some type of hidden agenda, and there is; but, I didn't even think that new girl that Emily is helping would be apart of it. SHE'S ONLY BEEN THERE FOR 5 MINUTES!

I DO NOT TRUST ALI, NOT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND. I honestly think she is playing with Emily's emotions so she could at least have one of the girls on her side. I mean they all know she's a liar, especially after everything that went down with Mona that was caught on tape. She even had the audacity to say that she "underestimated" Mona, how can you underestimate someone that ran over their own "best friend" even if it was just an accident.

EZRIA! I'm honestly so happy they are back together. I think he's going to be the one to make Aria get over the fact that she killed Shauna.

Spencer's mom is leaving her dad! YESSSSSS. I can not wait to see how that is going to play out especially now that Melissa is back. Mrs. Hastings is an attorney and she can tell when someone is bullshitting her and she knows that he has something to do with Mrs. D's murder. 

HALEB! I'm so happy Caleb's backkk. But, I'm also kinda sad because I really like Travis </3. I do think that Lucas was trying to get Hanna really drunk so that he could do something do her and Travis took her home right before he had the chance. He has all this pent up resentment towards Ali that it would only make sense that he would want to hurt one of her friends. 

Now on to the big KABOOM at the end of the episode....WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO BLOW UP TOBY'S HOUSE ?!?! Something is telling me that someone is going to make it seem like they wanted to kill Jenna and Shawna. Of course A is now back and I'm extremely excited to see what misery she is going to put the girls through. 

Can't wait till Tuesday! 

Thanks for reading ! 


Thursday, July 3, 2014


Greetings Fellow TAD Readers! 

There is currently detrimental downpour outside my window and it is also thundering, which means that Sabrina(my dog) is going cray. 

I know I've been MIA for a week or so but I have a very good excuse ! I was on vacation with my family in the Poconos last week and this week I was catching up with everything (work, life, etc). My family & I have been going to Poconos every summer for the last 18 years or so. Its super relaxing, you're literally in a cabin in the middle of a forest and sometimes you see deers and groundhogs, its so great. It's close to the outlets (guess who spent A LOT of time there? THIS GIRLLLLL) and the best part is that you will NEVER bump into someone you know. NYC is such a small place, everyone is so interconnected with everyone that basically the friend of my friend is the friend of my other friend who happens to be the cousin of my other friend. They also have a lake where you can fish on a little row boat and you see little ducks floating gracefully across the water. I honestly wish I would have taken some pictures with my new camera, but I didn't and spent most of my time resting. Sometimes its just so amazing to not live the city life for a week. 

If you haven't noticed I didn't do my weekly review of PLL for past 2 weeks and its because I haven't been too crazy about the episodes. They've been kinda dragging and not very suspenseful, but I am looking forward to next week's episode since its the 100th episode and CALEB IS BACKKKKKKK!! AND ALISON AND MONA GOING TO FIGHT. 

I'm working on a couple of new post for next week...I'm thinking maybe I'll do a haul and show you guys some of the things I purchased at the outlets. I'm also thinking I want to do a makeup tutorial but, I'm not sure if I actually want to record a video or do a picturial.  

 For the most part this is what's been happening in my life...I should be back on Saturday with my haul and all that good stuff.

Thanks for your support and for reading! 



Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Sunset 45's LLB for June !

This has got to be my FAVORITE box so far from Sunset 45 ! Since receiving their boxes I've been very open to adding statement pieces to my outfits to give it that extra "oomf "and this month's pieces were no different. This month's theme was tribal and it couldn't be anymore perfect for June.

In this month's box I received a lot of beauty products & let me tell you my little heart SANG!

I received:
  • NYX Butter Gloss in "Peach Cobbler" 
  • I Sao Pablo Over There by OPI
  • 7th Heaven White Thai Rejuvenating Mud Mask
  • Hello Waffle Mineral Blush in "But At Least I'll Look Pretty"
All of these items are perfect for summer ! The Hello Waffle blush gives such a natural glow to the skin and it literally felt like butter when I swatched it. The blush is like NAR's Orgasm and MAC's Gentle Mineralize if they had a child. Its a very natural blush, so I know it will go with many looks, like a dramatic smokey eye or just winged liner. 

The lip gloss also feels like butter on your lips (hence, the name "Butter Gloss") and it's EXTREMELY pigmented and its the ideal red for summer, not too red and not too orange (I sound like Goldie Locks, LOL).  

When I first saw the nail polished I literally laughed out loud at the name. The polish is such a gorgeous color, that could be worn as a mani or pedi color. The color that I think can be considered a dupe for this would be Essie's "Merino Cool", they're both cool tone greys that'll look great on a multitude of skin tones during any season. 

 "Peach Cobbler" & "But At Least I'll Look Pretty" swatches

This month's box came with great jewelry pieces ! The earrings are so cute and simple, but embody the tribal theme sooo perfectly. I can picture myself wearing them for so many different occasions this summer.

This has got to be my FAVORITE piece from the whole box. . . .

I love this necklace so much! It's simple but not too simple. Its so perfect, I honestly feel the picture doesn't do it any justice. A necklace like this can definitely spruce up so many outfits, like a plain white tee and boyfriend jeans. I'm so smitten ♥. 

I received the Classic's box this month & it is so perfect for me. I'm soo happy with this box and I know I'm going to get so many uses out of everything I received.

If you haven't subscribed to Sunset 45's Little Luxuries Box yet, you HAVE toooo! Check out their website to subscribe ! 

Thanks for reading! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PLL - Whirly Girly (S5 Ep.2)

Photo from

Last night's PLL episode definitely through us a little roller coaster....Ali's lying to Holbrook, Mrs. D is officially dead, Mona is back to her old ways, and Shawna's death hasn't been reported YET.  OH! AND MELISSA IS A LIAR.

I don't understand why Ali would not tell the Liars beforehand that she was going to tell Holbrook that she was kidnapped. She knows that they aren't taken seriously so why give the Rosewood Police Department another reason not to believe them. It was definitely very shady of Ali to do, which makes me think that the she can't be trusted if she's already weaving a web of lies and has only been in Rosewood for 5 minutes. 

Mona is such a did she get Ali's new phone number already ?! I'm dying to know what she has up her sleeve due to her devious nature.

Aria is super paranoid about killing Shawna (WHO WOULDN'T) and keeps looking online to see if her death has been reported, but of course it hasn't. I'm guessing this means that she is still alive, but I don't know. If Aria is going crazy over this she should have spoken to Emily who has been in her shoes before and could offer her some advice. 

SPOBY !!! I felt so many feels when I saw Toby ! I'm so happy he's back; he keeps Spencer so grounded. But, Toby came back from London with some pretty valuable information about Melissa. He never saw Melissa in London! So how did Melissa know that Spencer relapsed ? I think she definitely has it out for the girls and is going to be the head person in the group that Mona has created. Could Mona be Melissa's ally ? 

At the end, we get confirmation that Mrs. D is really dead. Ali's new dog Pepe found her in the backyard (what a cute dog!). I really think that the person that she was protecting all this time is Jason. But why would he want to hurt his sister ?! Why would his mother not mention anything !? Who really killed her ?! And why would he tell Hanna and Emily to stop going to places that they aren't welcome in ? That seen was my favorite LOL.

"Go follow him Hanna!"
"FOLLOW HIM ?! I have to go change my underwear !"

Next week is Mrs. D's funeral and we all know that something always happens when the Liars attend a funeral. 

Thanks for reading ! 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PLL - EscApe From New York (S5 Ep.1)

OMG, where do I begin ?!!!?!?!? 

Last night's episode definitely had my heart racing from start to finish. This episode felt like the season finale I was waiting for ! 

Well for starters, Ezra is definitely alive and doing well for now. Everyone knows Alison is alive and Mona is making her own " We Hate Ali" Team, which includes Lucas, Paige, NOEL*, and Melissa. *I honestly thought that Noel was present at the meeting but I re-watched the episode and he wasn't. So sorry for the confusion ! 

I've always known from the beginning that Noel could not be trusted since he did date crazy Mona at one point in time. I think he was playing Ali from the beginning by giving her some bullsh*t "secret" so she could trust him and he is now plotting against her. 

The lovely Shauna is back and has officially left the building from what we know. We first see her in the hospital and she tells Aria that Ali called her to make sure she was okay. Aria fell asleep -_- and Shauna gets to see Ezra first and I think she did something to him so he could go into shock. But, I don't think she was the person on top of the ambulance when they took Ezra and the nightmare that the liars are living is not over. 

But Shauna wasn't so faithful to Ali, she fell in love with Jenna and is now seeking revenge. Did she honestly think that she was going to hurt the liars even if she had a gun ? It was 4 against 1 and Aria came and saved the day! She hit the b*tch with a shotgun and she then falls literally TWO FEET and apparently "dies". I don't think she's dead because let's be real, does anyone really die in PLL at least the first time? 

I'm dying to find out what Melissa's secret is because her dad is making it a point to keep it between them. Which makes me think was he the one to bury Mrs. D because she knew something about Melissa ? 

CeCe is finally out of Rosewood and is currently in Paris under her new alias, Vivian Darkbloom. Good for her, I mean how will they ever know that she was the one that killed Wilden. But, can she be trusted ? Will Noel tell someone that she's in Paris ? 

Next week, Ali is going back to Rosewood officially & I can not wait to see what happens. 

Your thoughts on this episode ? 

Thanks for reading, 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May's Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45

Hello Readers !

I know its 3 days into June, but I'm going you my thoughts on May's LLB (some things are better late than never)! 

The theme for this month's box was geo-black & modern pearls, a combination of things that I love ! On the fashion runways, Celine, Chanel, Bouchra Jarrar, & Balenciaga were the inspirations for this month's box. I love black and white, its so chic and the color combo goes with EVERYTHING. Monochromatic looks are something I try to incorporate in my wardrobe since its so classic & will never go out of style. 

The box came with some amazing pieces ! My favorite piece has got to be the "Maggie" necklace. It honestly is such a beautifully classy statement necklace. It can be styled easily in the summer and will transition so well in the fall and winter months. 

The "Sabine" bracelet is so adorable and so are the matching drop earrings ! I think its perfect for the office, casual wear and it would look great with a simple LBD.

My LLB also came with a pair of sunglasses that are very trendy, but I'm not sure if they are my style. I don't dislike them but I also don't love them. Maybe they just don't mesh well with my style ? I wasn't too fond of the MIENN fragrance oil, I was not crazy about its scent and I honestly can't even describe it to you. I thought it was just too strong for my liking.

I really like some of the things I received in my LLB this month, but I'm thinking maybe the Classic's Box is more my style. This box and the one I received last month were both Lavish Boxes. Maybe I'm lucky enough to get the Classic's Box next month. 

For those interested in the Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45 it is now available if you want to subscribe! I'm so excited for June's box since I stalk their Instagram (@sunset45shop) to see little sneak peeks for the upcoming boxes. LOL. 

I hope you enjoyed this post & subscribe to receive the LLB monthly ! You won't regret it ! 

Thanks for reading,
A ♥

Monday, June 2, 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

I'm super board at work at the moment [don't tell my boss]. So I decided to do the lovely "50 Random Facts About Me" tag because you know who doesn't want to put 50 facts about themselves on the internet! 

  • I am left-handed.
  • My birthday is June 13th and it falls on a Friday this year. :) 
  • My favorite number is 13. 
  • A lot of people think I'm an only child but I have a younger brother. 
  • I've never dyed my hair and I'm not planning to unless I go grey before I'm 40. 
  • I wasn't the best student in high school and I became the best student when I got to college. 
  • I went to an all girls high school. 
  • My hair grows ridiculously fast, hence why its super long all the time.
  • It look me 3 years to finally decide that I wanted to start a blog & its honestly been one of the best decisions I've ever made. 
  • I'm Puerto-Rican. 
  • I'm an introvert. 
  • I love love love to read. 
  • I prefer to stay home with a good book than be in the company of some people.
  • I LOVE FOOD. #foodie
  • I'm very blunt and have no issues telling people where to stick it. 
  • I have the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. (Not one of my best traits.)
  • I have a handful of friends that I adore. 
  • My family is literally the 
  • Shopping and sleeping are my favorite sports. LOL
  • My obsession with stationary, hair, makeup, and jewelry was passed down to me from my mom. 
  • My mom is legit my best friend. 
  • I have a box of books in my garage that I want to read to my children.
  • I learned to read at a very early age. 
  • I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that I'm going to be 22 next week. 
  • I've been working since I was 15 and when I began college I was going to school full-time and had 2 jobs. Not because I had to but because I wanted to. 
  • I have the simplest of styles and its very girly. 
  • I never knew what it was like to lose someone till my grandfather lost his battle to cancer. 
  • I watch at least 2 videos on YouTube before I go to sleep. 
  • Jaclyn Hill is my FAVORITE YouTuber. EVER. 
  • I'm athletically challenged. 
  • I'm 5'2 and have been this tall since the 7th grade I think. 
  • I get all my notebooks for school in Puerto Rico.
  • My school supply game has been strong since 1996. ;)
  • I've been to Puerto Rico at least 20 times and have never done touristy things in San Juan.
  • I've never seen the movie the "Titanic".
  • I've lived in New York my whole life and have never been to the Museum of Natural History. 
  • I love dogs. 
  • I have a maltipoo & her name is Sabrina. 
  • I'm very clumsy. 
  • When I really like an article of clothing or a pair of shoes, I get it in all the colors they have. 
  • The Poconos is my favorite place in the whole world. 
  • I don't drive. 
  • I want to become a pharmacist and eventually open my own pharmacy.
  • I have a shopping problem and should be in Shopaholics Anonymous 
  • I wore braces for 5 years and still do not like my teeth. 
  • I have PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). 
  • I think I'm HILARIOUS. 
  • I love laughing and making people laugh. 
  • "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket are my favorite books of all time. 
  • I love my blog and I'm so thankful that there are people that actually read TAD. Thank you so much for your support. 
Well that was semi-exhausting ! I hope you liked this post because it was definitely not easy coming up with 50 things about myself. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 26, 2014


I'm currently sitting in my living room watching "The Bachelorette" before I have to pick out my outfit for work tomorrow :( 

I'm offically done with this semester ! THANK THE LORD. This semester was very very very long and it was very very draining. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I'm studying to become a pharmacist, and it took me many years to realize that it's what I want to do for a living. I was in a little funk at the beginning of the month since most of the girls that either graduated HS or eighth grade with me, have graduated college this year and here I am no where near to where I want to be. I honestly thought that by now I'd be graduating with the rest of them but thats not the case and I've just accepted the fact that its OKAY and I will get there when its intended for me to get there. 

OH EM GEE. The weather is getting warmer and I'm not the biggest fan of it. What I do like is wearing pretty sandals and showing off my latest pedicure color ! 

I hope you enjoyed your #MDW ! Now, it's back to reality tomorrow! 


ps. I know I've said this before but I am going to be blogging on a more regular basis. I promise ! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Luxuries Box: An Introduction

Hello Readers !

I am sooo happy to introduce you to the Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45 and tell you what I received in my April box!

The Little Luxuries Box by Sunset 45 is a monthly subscription service that is going to be officially launched this June. Its purpose is to keep us style conscious gals on top of the latest runway and beauty trends by sending them to our doorstep every month!

Each month’s LLB contains up too $100 worth of lovely goodies to keep you up to date with these trends. There are 3 different types of LLBs: The Classics Box, The Lavish Box, and The Editor’s Pick Box. Each month comes with a specific theme that each box will reflect.

  • The Classics Box: Is for those that have a simpler wardrobe and it's perfect for work if you want to add a subtle hint of glam to your outfit. 
  • The Lavish Box: Is for the girls that have room to be more creative with their outfits and want to have an easy transition from a day to night look. 

Both of these boxes are priced at $30 a month plus $5 shipping. A one-time box can be purchased for $35 plus $5 shipping. These one-time boxes come with a $5 coupon to use on your next purchase, which is a great way to try the Little Luxuries Program.

  • The Editor’s Pick Box: This box is going to be available every month and will contain 2 accessories (one from the Classics Box and one from the Lavish Box), with occasional beauty products.

This box will not have reoccurring subscriptions so get them while you can since they come in limited quantities. This box goes for $20 plus $5 for shipping.

April’s theme was pastels, which is the perfect color scheme for the spring. In my box I received:
  • “Shirley” necklace
  • “Pearl’s Dream” bib
  • Crystal Drop earrings
  • OPI’s “Hawaiian Orchid” [check out “Manis With Mandie” next week to see this color featured]
  • Nicka K Eyeshadow Brush
  • Hello Waffle Pigment Shadows in “Ice Queen” & “Magic Hair”

The necklaces are beautiful for the spring and summer months. The bib is my favorite; it’s such a cute statement necklace that will look good with just about everything in my closet. The eye shadows are such beautiful colors; the pictures do not to it any justice. "Ice Queen" is a beautiful pearl pink that could also be used lightly as a cheek highlight and "Magic Hair" is a beautiful bronze color. They could be worn alone with a quick sweep of eyeliner and mascara and you’ll be good to go and they are SOO pigmented. The eye shadow brush works so perfectly with these eye shadows to give your lids just a wash of color when you’re in a rush. I can’t wait to use the shade “Magic Hair” when I’m a little more tan to give my lids a nice bronzy color. Everything in the box came so nicely packaged and in each box you’ll receive a little card that describes the theme of the month and what was included in your box each month.

If you want to subscribe to the Little Luxuries Box program go to and put yourself on the waiting list!

Checkout Sunset45’s blogtwitter, and instagram!

Thanks for reading ! 

**DISCLAIMER: This box was sent to me for review but these are my honest opinions. Thank you Dede !! **