Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Nail Trends: A Collab with SmileChiquita

Oh my goodness! Can you believe its already November?!  Thanksgiving is almost around the corner! Am I the only one that thinks that the year FLEW by?!

Along with all the things that make fall & winter the wonderful seasons that they are, it also means that new colors are being incorporated in our outfits, home d├ęcor, and beauty routines. I’m not just talking about vampy lips & dark smoky eyes; we also put away our bright pinks & summery polishes for deeper variations of our go-to mani/pedi colors.

In magazines this season I’ve been seeing a variety of reds & berries, blues & greens, metallics, and glitters!

* TIP: It would be a good idea to invest in some nail whitener for when you wear the darker colors since it sometimes causes nail discoloring & some really good nail polish remover for when you’re going to remove the glitter polish. * 

Healthy hand habits are always in season and they are important to extend the wear of your manicure. In the fall/winter months you NEED to keep your hands and cuticlesmoisturized! The colder months can take a toll on your hands, especially if you don’t wear gloves. I am guilty of this and this season I’m serious investing in some cute gloves! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a mini hand cream in your purse or school bag, they are super cheap and are a lifesaver during these cold months.

Don’t think you could pull off darker, bolder nail polishes? YOU CAN! All you need is a little bit of confidence!

*PS ! I’m so EXCITED to be doing my first collab post with fashion bloggerSmileChiquta! We go WAY back and I don’t mean a couple of years, like I’ve known her since the 3rd grade!  Definitely check out her blog & get a glimpse of her concrete runway :)
If you are going to try any of the colors or want to show us how you wear your nails this fall/winter use #theamandadiaries & #smilechiquita! 

Thanks for reading ! 


BLUES & GREENS: row 1: After School Boy Blazer, Stroke of Brilliance, Sew Psyched row 2: Midnight Cami, Bobbing for Baubles, Keeping Suzi at Bay row 3: Butler Please, School of Hard Rocks, Frostbite
REDS & BERRIES: row 1: Twin Sweater Set, Bahama Mama, Sleigh Ride for Two row 2: Fish Net Stockings, Really Red, Cinna-Snap row 3: Poor Lil’ Rich Girl, Carry On, Ruby Do

METALLICS: row 1: For the Twill of It, Good as Gold, No Place Like Chrome row 2: Armed & Ready, Nothing Else Metals, Glity Party row 3: Penny Talk, Trophy Wife, Golden-I

GLITTERS: row 1: Set in Stones, Minnie Style, Big Money row 2: Beyond Cozy, Which is Witch, Razzle Dazzler row 3: A Cut Above, Rockets Red Glare, F21 Touch of Glam.


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