Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Nails Un-Wrapped

Hello my lovely readers ! As you can see my nails don't look like they normally do & thats because I soaked the acylic off. Yes, I know acylic is supposed to be really bad for your nails, but if you soak them regularly, your nails won't suffer as much. I used to soak mine about every 3-4 months. When my soaking session came around this time, I wanted to give my nails a little break. I'm not sure how long this will last but who knows. While unwrapping them I didnt like how long my nails were so I cut them short and painted them "Cashmere Robe" by Essie; its part of their fall 2013 collection. I ADORE this color, its a dark grey creme formula with a little bit of glitter. Its perfect for fall and I think it looks very nice againest my skin tone (or at least I think so)!

I'd like to thank all you lovely people that take the time to look at TAD, I appreciate it so much!


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