Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PLL's Now You See Me, Now You Don't - S4 Ep. 12

So sad the summer season is over & now the countdown begins for the Halloween Episode, which apparently is going to be 2 hours long and followed by the world premiere of Ravenswood ! This episode left me completely speechless ! Marlene King once again did a phenomenal job as usual !

So happy the charges against Hanna's mom were dropped ! Now they could leave happy once again. But, I wonder how long is it going to take A to ruin their happiness...

I picked up on the "magic" theme instantly as soon as the magic 8 balls were revealed to the girls.  I highly did doubt that A would hurt Mona, since she was A's minion at one point. I also think that Mona is playing the girls again and is possibly back on the A team with Shauna. But how did Mona end up at that Bed and Breakfast ?

I do not seem to understand how Emily was taken away from the liars and not one of them noticed...KINDA WIERD. In all honestly, if I was in Emily's shoes, I would have had a heart attack in the box !! I hope in a later episode she tells the liars how she ended up in that wooden box and on top of the cutting board.

There are 2 Red Coats in this episode !



The second A leads Spencer to a new "A" lair. Spencer says that it felt like if Red Coat wanted her to follow her to that room. The room reminded me of the room Toby and Caleb were in, in the beginning of the season. But if that's "A"'s lair, why would he/she be keeping a close eye on Red Coat ? They find a lot things about Ali and the summer she went missing. It was confirmed that the guy she was seeing was indeed older than her and she lied about her age to him. So maybe that lair belongs to "Boardshorts" ? The lair does belong to a man, who owns multiple black suits. Who does the lair belong too ? EZRA FITZ. !!! Is he "Boardshorts" ?

Now let's talk about how CREEPY Ms. Grunwald is ! She did give us A LOT of information about Ali. Ali is in fact alive & she saved her. She also states that Ali didn't want to found, since she doesn't have anybody to trust.  Now, if Ali is alive, whose funeral did the liars attend ?

I'm still completely speechless about the whole ordeal. I know during the Halloween Episode we will get MANY answers to all these cliff hangers. I really didn't know whether to scream or cry when Ezra's face was shown! But maybe, this is just to throw us off ?


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