Saturday, August 10, 2013

PLL's The Mirror Has 3 Faces - S4 Ep. 10

I'm not sure what's more creepy Ali's mom or Ali's house. Emily gets a text from her Mom saying that the lovely Mrs. D has opened her "warm" home to them during their time of need... TBH, if I were Emily and her mom, I would have just stayed in the hotel. Nothing can be worse then staying in your dead BFF's house where her room is now a shrine to her. I wouldn't close my eyes for ONE second if I were staying in that creppy, creppy house. BUT !, there was one slight advantage to staying at the Dilaurentis home ! Emily knows that someone has been staying under the floors at the house and spying on them. 

Erza was acting kinda strange in the begining...who knew such a bomb was going to be dropped. MALCOM ISN'T HIS SON ! *gasps* and Maggie KNEW *double gasp*. Maggie is sooo messed up ! How can she let innocent Ezra "fall in love" with Malcom and not say anything !? I mean it worked in her benefit...she apparently received a lot of hush money from Ezra's mom when she had first found out she was pregnant. Ezra calls Aria to tell her about this whole drama he is in the middle of...she didn't answer :( 

JAKEEEEEEEEE (that hunk) is getting closer and closer to becoming more than just a "friend" to Aria !!  I kinda want them to start dating...I also want her to get back with Ezra too. THE DRAMA.  

In other news... Wren is becoming extremely suspicious and is leading me to think that he has something to do with the A Team. He's speaking to someone on the phone and tells them, "I'll take care of mine, you take care of yours." I'm not sure to who or what he was refering too, but it can't be good. 

Let's talk about how scared I was for Hanna when she was in Ali's house with Red Coat !!! I would literally have died. But then again, how could Hanna not notice that there was someon else in the house ?! Where did Red Coat hide in Ali's room ?! Is CeCe, Red Coat ?! Is Red Coat, CeCe ?! So many questions I want answered ! I can't wait until next week ! Only 2 more weeks till the summer finale !

*****Sorry, I've been so behind with posts ! I was on vacation last week and the weeks before that I was preparing for it !***** 


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