Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PLL's Gamma Sigma Die - S4 Ep. 5

So Ashley Marin needs an attorney ! Tisk Tisk Tisk. Hanna finds a gun wrapped in her mom's LOCKED closet. Could that be the gun that Wilden was killed with ? Veronica Hastings wants her to come to the office, the police investigation must be that bad. This is not good for Hanna and her mom. But, brilliant Hanna decides to go to Cicero College to tell the girls of her findings in her mother's closet. Of course, Hanna decides to go into the woods (BAD IDEA A IS ALWAYS watching) and bury the gun there. Five seconds later, police men come running with flash lights telling her to stop everything and then we see poor Hanna going into the back of a cop car. 

Aria and Mike's little quarrel ? I think Aria is doing the right thing, sending her mom away to protect her from A. But, as always I predict A will some how mess that up. 

Am I the only one that finds Brenden, Spencer's "college pimp", a little bit weird ?! 

Sneaky Spencer finds a hidden room behind a wall in the sorority house with a mysterious phone who's number is the one the bird was chirping. There was also scratches on the wall. Spencer seems to believe that they belong to Ali and someone kept her in there. But as Aria was saying, why would Ali call herself ? I don't think Ali was calling herself, I think she has something to do with the picture of the sorority house mother A showed us at the end of the episode. 

I can't wait to found out whats the deal with Carla Grunwald ( I believe that is what her name is ) soon! 


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