Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PLL's Face Time - S4, Ep. 4

Spencer and Melissa have had this tension between them that has grown bigger and bigger as each season has gone on.  In this episode we have come to find out that Melissa has done alot of things to "protect" Spencer.  I honestly DO NOT trust Melissa at all.  I feel that she's an extremely shady person. But hey ! they do say "blood is thicker than water".  I really do think Melissa knows that Alison is alive, but doesn't want to directly say it, because maybe Alison is black mailing her for something... 

On to Ms. Ashley Marin ! I'm having mixed feelings about her claim to have killed Darren Wilden.  I don't think she is completely innocent and if she did not kill him she knows who did. All the clues point to Hanna's mom. I do think it is VERY dangerous for Hanna to be lying to the police to protect her mom ( and yes, if I were in her shoes, I'd do the same to protect my mom ) but hasn't she learned her lesson??? A will find out and use it againest her ! 

Aria found a significant amount of Ali's face molds in the sculpter's studio...like an unhealthy amount. Before we see Aria discovering the molds, we see Melissa luging out a sack of molds, I had a hard time see whose face it was ( my money is on them being her own molds ).  It is kind of suspicious on how Melissa ended up being connected to the sculpter. 

Can't wait to see what is going to happen next week ! 


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