Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Glitzy Accents

White nail polish has been a reoccuring trend I've been seeing a lot on celebrities and other women. Although, I love bright white on other people, I don't like it on me so much. But! I do like to experiment with nail colors, so this week I decided to go with a white with light grey undertones and a silver accent nail. I picked OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls & paired it with a silver accent nail. I love accent nails! I feel it gives a manicure a little extra oopmh ! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PLL's Under the Gun - S4 Ep.6

Hanna Marin is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.  The gun that she was trying to find is being kept for testing to determine if its the one that killed Wilden.

AND the verdict is ! The gun WAS used to kill Wilden and now Hanna's mom has been arrested. :( Ashley and Hanna both know that she is being framed. A threated Hanna to send both of her parents to jail, if she mentioned her name. 

Lets talk about Shauna. -__-.  I can not stand Shauna. Why is Shauna a Rosewood High student and on the swim team ? Why was she also in Ravenswood ? Why did she run inside Jenna's car and speed off ?

Aria is being called the school "slut" because one of Mike's teammates wanted to get frisky with her. Things between Aria and Mike have been extremely tense, so this was the icing on the cake. Aria, being the little ballsy chick that she is, storms into the boys locker room to set Conor or Collin straight. He says Aria played a little more than scrabble with Mr. Fitz. Guess who hears that little remark !? The one and only Erza Fitz.  

Erza confronts Aria, as she's sitting on the stairs erasing not so pleasant texts from the boys at school, and tries to make sense as to what happen and she tells him that he can no longer be the one to comfort her anymore and storms off. :( 

Spoby find Ms. Grunwald and this extremely creepy gardener. Was I the only one who feels that we were kinda teleported when they first arrive in Ravenswood ?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PLL's Gamma Sigma Die - S4 Ep. 5

So Ashley Marin needs an attorney ! Tisk Tisk Tisk. Hanna finds a gun wrapped in her mom's LOCKED closet. Could that be the gun that Wilden was killed with ? Veronica Hastings wants her to come to the office, the police investigation must be that bad. This is not good for Hanna and her mom. But, brilliant Hanna decides to go to Cicero College to tell the girls of her findings in her mother's closet. Of course, Hanna decides to go into the woods (BAD IDEA A IS ALWAYS watching) and bury the gun there. Five seconds later, police men come running with flash lights telling her to stop everything and then we see poor Hanna going into the back of a cop car. 

Aria and Mike's little quarrel ? I think Aria is doing the right thing, sending her mom away to protect her from A. But, as always I predict A will some how mess that up. 

Am I the only one that finds Brenden, Spencer's "college pimp", a little bit weird ?! 

Sneaky Spencer finds a hidden room behind a wall in the sorority house with a mysterious phone who's number is the one the bird was chirping. There was also scratches on the wall. Spencer seems to believe that they belong to Ali and someone kept her in there. But as Aria was saying, why would Ali call herself ? I don't think Ali was calling herself, I think she has something to do with the picture of the sorority house mother A showed us at the end of the episode. 

I can't wait to found out whats the deal with Carla Grunwald ( I believe that is what her name is ) soon! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PLL's Face Time - S4, Ep. 4

Spencer and Melissa have had this tension between them that has grown bigger and bigger as each season has gone on.  In this episode we have come to find out that Melissa has done alot of things to "protect" Spencer.  I honestly DO NOT trust Melissa at all.  I feel that she's an extremely shady person. But hey ! they do say "blood is thicker than water".  I really do think Melissa knows that Alison is alive, but doesn't want to directly say it, because maybe Alison is black mailing her for something... 

On to Ms. Ashley Marin ! I'm having mixed feelings about her claim to have killed Darren Wilden.  I don't think she is completely innocent and if she did not kill him she knows who did. All the clues point to Hanna's mom. I do think it is VERY dangerous for Hanna to be lying to the police to protect her mom ( and yes, if I were in her shoes, I'd do the same to protect my mom ) but hasn't she learned her lesson??? A will find out and use it againest her ! 

Aria found a significant amount of Ali's face molds in the sculpter's studio...like an unhealthy amount. Before we see Aria discovering the molds, we see Melissa luging out a sack of molds, I had a hard time see whose face it was ( my money is on them being her own molds ).  It is kind of suspicious on how Melissa ended up being connected to the sculpter. 

Can't wait to see what is going to happen next week !