Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Day-After Christmas Haul

Hello Readers ! 

For me personally, the best day to go shopping is bright and early on Black Friday & the day after Christmas.  My mother & myself both woke up at 6 am on December 26 to get to the Palisades by  7:15.  I really love the Palisades it has all my favorite stores and I always find great deals when I'm there. 

The first store we went to was Lord & Taylor's. They were giving away $20 gift cards at the door & they sent me one in the mail.  I ended up getting 3 of these gift certificates AND they had an extra 20% off sale & clearance. 

The first thing I purchased were a Bandolino boots in black with a little wedge and the best part about them is that they fit my calves ! YAY ! They were orignally $150 were 40% off with an additional 20% subtract the $20 so I paid around $66 for them for a total savings of about $84.

L&T's was also having this amazing handbag sale. A lot of designer bags like Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs were 50% off and were even marked even more.  I purchased a gorgeous Michael Kors bag, its black patent leather with silver embellishments.  It was orignally $298 marked down to $223 with 50% off of that price which brought it down to $111.50 and with the $20 gift card I got it for $91. BARGAIN ! 

The Gap was having this winter clearance sale where almost the whole store was up to 60% off.  I have never been one to wear bold animal print sweaters so the 2 sweaters I purchased were perfect for me ! I scored both of themfor $20! They were both orignally $44 each, so that was an amazing deal.  

I was always a big fan of American Eagle, I think they have the cutest things especially their Aerie brand.  For the most part, they also have really good deals around holidays, so for $20 I purchased a beige sparkly thermal which is great for layering and a short sleeve shirt, which would make a good coverup when you go to the beach (and for $10 I really couldn't leave it behind). Aerie was also having their semi-annual sale, so I purchased some undies which I don't think you need to see, lol.  

I also went to Pandora, they were having a spend $100 get a bracelet for free, which is around $65. I didn't take advantage of that sale, so I purchased this lovely ring instead. I think its so dainty and beautiful and perfect for me.  This and the items I purchased from MAC were the only things I purchased that were full priced. 

I stopped by the MAC counter in Macy's since I knew the Magnetic Nudes collection would be released. I only purchased 2 items from the collection, it was the Morning Rose lipstick and Steel Kiss lipglass, both are very beautiful colors.  I was also in need of a red lipstick and a lip liner to go with it, I purchased Russian Red, one of Madonna's favorite lipsticks in the 80's during her Like A Virgin tour.  To accompany this gorgeous red, the MUA at the counter recommended their "Brick" lipliner which goes perfect with the lipstick. 

After our trip to the Palisades, we went to the Gap Outlet which opened a few months ago by my home and I purchased a couple of things for under $40 ! For $38 I purchased a pair of jeans, a plaid button down, a pair of velor pants, and 6 pairs of socks.  The retail price of all these items would have been around $160, and with all the sales that were going on I didn't even pay half of that. 

I hope you enjoyed this haul & I can't wait to share my other purchases with you guys in the near future.  

Thank for reading ! 


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Guess Who's Back !


I'm so happy to be finally in the mood to start blogging again.  At first I was super busy with school and now with the semester coming to an end, I'm going to have a lot more free time.  But aside from being busy with school work, I was feeling discouraged and was questioning whether or not to keep on with The Amanda Diaries.  I then saw that there were people still coming and reading what I had posted months ago and I felt so much better knowing that there are people that stop what they're doing and look even if its for 5 minutes.  

I made TAD for myself, as some creative outlet. This is where I could be myself and share all the things I love and enjoy.  I hope along the way I could let people into my mind and see things through my eyes.  

Which leads me to my next point, I would like to start doing more personal post after the new year.  If there is anything you would want me to write about pertaining not just to beauty, email me at or use #askAmandaA on twitter.  I will post new things after my semester is over in about 2 weeks or so.  If you would want to see any specific post, please leave them in the comment section below. 

Thanks reading ! 



Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Nail Trends: A Collab with SmileChiquita

Oh my goodness! Can you believe its already November?!  Thanksgiving is almost around the corner! Am I the only one that thinks that the year FLEW by?!

Along with all the things that make fall & winter the wonderful seasons that they are, it also means that new colors are being incorporated in our outfits, home d├ęcor, and beauty routines. I’m not just talking about vampy lips & dark smoky eyes; we also put away our bright pinks & summery polishes for deeper variations of our go-to mani/pedi colors.

In magazines this season I’ve been seeing a variety of reds & berries, blues & greens, metallics, and glitters!

* TIP: It would be a good idea to invest in some nail whitener for when you wear the darker colors since it sometimes causes nail discoloring & some really good nail polish remover for when you’re going to remove the glitter polish. * 

Healthy hand habits are always in season and they are important to extend the wear of your manicure. In the fall/winter months you NEED to keep your hands and cuticlesmoisturized! The colder months can take a toll on your hands, especially if you don’t wear gloves. I am guilty of this and this season I’m serious investing in some cute gloves! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a mini hand cream in your purse or school bag, they are super cheap and are a lifesaver during these cold months.

Don’t think you could pull off darker, bolder nail polishes? YOU CAN! All you need is a little bit of confidence!

*PS ! I’m so EXCITED to be doing my first collab post with fashion bloggerSmileChiquta! We go WAY back and I don’t mean a couple of years, like I’ve known her since the 3rd grade!  Definitely check out her blog & get a glimpse of her concrete runway :)
If you are going to try any of the colors or want to show us how you wear your nails this fall/winter use #theamandadiaries & #smilechiquita! 

Thanks for reading ! 


BLUES & GREENS: row 1: After School Boy Blazer, Stroke of Brilliance, Sew Psyched row 2: Midnight Cami, Bobbing for Baubles, Keeping Suzi at Bay row 3: Butler Please, School of Hard Rocks, Frostbite
REDS & BERRIES: row 1: Twin Sweater Set, Bahama Mama, Sleigh Ride for Two row 2: Fish Net Stockings, Really Red, Cinna-Snap row 3: Poor Lil’ Rich Girl, Carry On, Ruby Do

METALLICS: row 1: For the Twill of It, Good as Gold, No Place Like Chrome row 2: Armed & Ready, Nothing Else Metals, Glity Party row 3: Penny Talk, Trophy Wife, Golden-I

GLITTERS: row 1: Set in Stones, Minnie Style, Big Money row 2: Beyond Cozy, Which is Witch, Razzle Dazzler row 3: A Cut Above, Rockets Red Glare, F21 Touch of Glam.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long Hiatus

Hello readers ! 

I'm terribly sorry I really haven't been posting anything lately.  I've been so busy with school and work.  For those of you that don't know I go to school full time and have 2 part time jobs. All of sudden I have so much school work and exams to study for.  I decided to sneak in this short post (SINCE WIX NOW HAS A BLOG OPTION ! and can now post since my little delimma is now fixed) while catching up on this week's episode of Beauty & the Beast.  It should be making its way to "Teevee Time" very soon, along with new post on "Manis with Mandie".  

I also been doing a lot of brainstorming for TAD, hopefully these ideas will be coming to a computer screen near you ! 

Thanks for reading & for being so patient ! 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Midnight Blue

Hello lovely readers ! This week's mani is featuring China Glaze's Up All Night. I randomly came across this color while I was digging into my large nail polish bucket and decided to give it a go.  I'M SO HAPPY I DID !! I really love dark nail polishes for some reason and if I could wear darker nails  year 'round I'd probably would. The nail polish has very little shimmer & is only visible see in the light and looks almost black indoors. It's a beautiful color and every girl should have at least one midnight blue nail polish in their collection. Well at least I think so ! 

PSA!! I saw on that the Essie Winter 2013 collection is out so on Thursday, I'm running to go buy some at the drugstore by my school ! 


Monday, September 30, 2013

One Shade of Grey

Happy  Hump Day readers !! The color I'm sporting this week is Chinchilly by Essie.  This beautiful grey color is my favorite for all seasons, it looks good during the summer months and even better in the winter.  My nails are finally getting stronger after having them wrapped for so long ! My manicures also lasting for a week now that I've found the most awesome base coat by China Glaze.  I'm thinking about doing a post in the future on how I do my manicures at home & all the products I use to make my mani last whole week. What color have you been wearing this week ?
xoxo, thanks for reading ! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Nails Un-Wrapped

Hello my lovely readers ! As you can see my nails don't look like they normally do & thats because I soaked the acylic off. Yes, I know acylic is supposed to be really bad for your nails, but if you soak them regularly, your nails won't suffer as much. I used to soak mine about every 3-4 months. When my soaking session came around this time, I wanted to give my nails a little break. I'm not sure how long this will last but who knows. While unwrapping them I didnt like how long my nails were so I cut them short and painted them "Cashmere Robe" by Essie; its part of their fall 2013 collection. I ADORE this color, its a dark grey creme formula with a little bit of glitter. Its perfect for fall and I think it looks very nice againest my skin tone (or at least I think so)!

I'd like to thank all you lovely people that take the time to look at TAD, I appreciate it so much!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY - Table Top Vanity

My problem: I had THREE makeup bags on my dresser and it wasn't very appealing to the eye. So, I wanted something prettier other than the typical clear drawer systems.  I honestly do not have that much make up to need those clear drawers. My mother & I had taken a trip to Michael's (the arts & craft store) on Saturday & I had noticed that these really pretty storage boxes were on sale. I really wanted one but couldn't think what it would do in my room other then collect dust. It dawned on me that I needed something to put my makeup in and TA-DA ! this is how my "DIY Dresser Top Vanity" was born.

The supplies you need are:
  • a garbage bag
  • glue gun - $4.99
  • glue sticks - $3.99
  • mirror- $7.99
  • decorative storage box big enough to hold your make up - $7.88

  1. You first need to cut the garbage bag on the sides, so you're able to spread it on your working space. Wouldn't want to get your beautiful box dirty! 
  2. Open your box and put it flap first on the table (facing you). You should have the area where you are going to glue the mirror laying flat on the table.
   3.  Now place to mirror in the center of the flap. With a pen/pencil mark on the flap where you are going to place the mirror. This will make it easier to remember where the mirror goes once the glue is on. REMEMBER: Glue from a glue gun sets extremely fast so you really have no time to mess around when deciding on the placement. Also make sure to get the glue around the whole backside of the mirror. This will take around 2 glue sticks depending on how big your mirror is, so make sure to have them handy.
 4. Glue your mirror ! Make sure to press firmly on the flap to ensure that the mirror glued on. I left my box just like that for the rest of the night. You don't have to do that, you could let the glue dry for a few minutes and put your make up in. 

 I love my new makeup storage box & I think its wonderful.  I should have taken a picture of how it looked on my dress but I didn't :( .  It holds all of my makeup and I still have space for more. I hope you have fun creating your own Dresser Top Vanity ! If you decide to make your own, use #theamandadiaries on Instagram/Twitter so I can see your finished products! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Current Things I'm Loving For the Fall

Hello Readers ! It is now offically September (it has been for the last 3  Starbucks has started serving their PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE !! It happens to be my most favoritest drink EVER. I feel like it embodies fall. When I think of fall I automatically think of PSL. In other news...above are all the things I'm currently going to be obsessed with as the weather starts getting cooler. 

I love blacks, whites, & neutral shades. This season the runways are breaking the rules and are working WHITE appearal down the runway.  WHAT ?! QUE ?! WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY ?! SAY IT AIN'T SOO !! I love winter whites. People have the misconception that it has to be bright/optical whites.  For me, winter whites lean more to the cream/off white side of the "white spectrum".  White sweaters are going to be making their way in to my wardrobe this season.

I'm a very big fan of sweaters, vest, & anoraks. I was in desperate need of a new anorak for this season and lucky enough I was able to snag the one in the photo from AE during their Labor Day Sale. ( I sure love me a BARGAIN) ! The J.Crew Excursion vest are a staple in all preppy girls' closets around the US.  I love wearing them during the cooler months and pairing it with a nice warm sweater, a printed scarf, & some riding boots. 

I've been noticing a pattern of graphic sweaters in different stores. C.Wonder & Old Navy have super cute variety of sweaters with dogs, bows, & foxes. Clearly, the C.Wonder ones are not cheap (They do offer a student discount of 10%; don't forget your school IDs if you're going to purchased some items). Old Navy sweaters are on the more reasonable side & for the most part there's at least weekly sales online. The sweaters are good quality & wash extremely well.  

Riding boots are a permant staple in my closet. I do not care if they go out of style tomorrow, I still will be wearing my riding boots ! I find them so comfortable and chic ! The ones above are by Sam Edelman & are made for wider calves, which is one of my problems. They are a little on the pricey side, but I'm sure a sale will come around & I'll be able to get them.  I also like combat boots, but feel they aren't very giry, these Steve Madden ones are so cute & girly ! I can't wait to pick those babies up ! 

On to my favorite things ever....NAIL POLISH ! Essie's fall line is AMAZING !! I really love "After Schoolboy Blazer" & "For the Twill of It ". I can't wait for them to be featured on my Manis with Mandie page ! Let me know what your fall fashion staples are going to be ! :D